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Welcome to

Goldmyne Hardware Sdn Bhd was established in 1991 as a hardware and roofing materials supplier. In the early '90s with its full commitment in marketing roofing material and by penetrating the products it represented into the construction industry in Brunei, and became a household name with the contractors, engineers and the architects. One must not also forget the local home owners. Success brought further success, as often the case is. 

Quality Home Furnishing Products

Goldmyne Sdn Bhd has a branch showroom located at Madang, where the showroom display series of home furnishing products which include:

  • Built-in cabinets & built-in wardrobes
  • EVA laminated art glass
  • Laminated flooring
  • Ceramic tiles & mosaic
  • Interlocking paver block
  • Shera brand wood plank as decoration in garden landscaping
  • Shower series include jacuzzi, sauna, steam room & others
  • Texture design door & different type of door leaf design with timber glass
built-in cabinet & wardrobe
Laminated art glass design
laminated art glass On performance under impact, EVA interlayer absorbs the energy of the impact, resistpenetration and although the glass may break, glass fragments are firmly bonded to the EVA interlayer, minimising the risk of injuries. The most popular places to incoporate decorative art glass used in doors, sidelight panel , cabinet doors, ceiling lights & bathroom windows. It's ideal for applications where privacy is required without sacrificing natural lights.
Interlocking Paver Block

Goldmyne supply 6 different type of paver block design shape to decorate your landscape area, driveway & walkway in a flexible way. The surface area of paver block is easy to clean and require low cost maintenance. The quality shows that it is 4x stronger than concrete, and it does increase your property value.

paver block
Shera Board & Wood Plank
shera board Shera fibre cement board is easy to handle and install, requiring faster installation time and more cost saving. Shera board is termite and water/ moisture resistant. Shera floor plank provides the best substitution to natural wood decking and is suitatable for a wide range if looks whether traditional, heritage or contemporary, making it a perfect alternative for residential or commercial buildings.

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Goldmyne Hardware Sdn Bhd, Spg 322, Blk  C1 & 2, Warisan Mata Mata Complex, Kpg Mata Mata, Gadong BE 1718, B.S.B,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673 2 421 491 / 2 / 3   Fax: +673 2 447 3 77 / 2 421 547